cold winter eat two types of food

the study found that vitamin b2 alone can make the body tolerate the cold temperature decreased by 2-3 ℃, the average person at minus 5-6 ℃ frostbite may occur, and vitamin b2 supplement, minus 7-9 frostbite occurs only when ℃.if given to children with vitamin b2 and vitamin e at the same time, then the ability to withstand cold addition, vitamin b2 and vitamin e in the body there are other effects, such as vitamin e can clear the body of oxygen free radicals, with the body to enhance resistance, improve blood circulation, prevention of cardiovascular disease and so on.cold winter, the right amount of vitamin b2 and vitamin e can not only help to protect against the cold, but also to prevent and reduce the cold caused by a variety of diseases.

foods rich in vitamin b2

wheat germ oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, lettuce leaf and citrus peel is also very rich in content.vitamin e is found in almost all green leafy vegetables.there is also a certain amount of vitamin e in milk, eggs and cod liver oil.meat, fish and other animal foods, fruits and other non-green leaves vegetable vitamin e content is very should be noted that, although these two nutrients can improve the body's ability to cold, but does not mean that vitamin supplements can withstand the cold.winter should also be done other cold measures, such as preparing good clothes cold effect, add more energy, reduce outdoor activities.

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