sea cucumber can bushenyijing how best to drink soup?

according to"supplement to compendium of materia medica"records:sea cucumber, sweet and salty, kidney, benefit essence, photo urine aphrodisiac atrophy, its sexual warm fill, enemy enemy ginseng, named sea cucumber.sea cucumber has to improve memory, delay gonadal aging, prevent atherosclerosis and anti-tumor effect.nutritionals believe that sea cucumber with protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin b1, vitamin b2 and niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, daily sea cucumber is good for health.

how to choose a good sea cucumber?

due to the geographical relationship, most areas eat dried sea cucumber, then how do we choose a good dried sea cucumber? for dried sea cucumber, its appearance was dark brown, dark gray, more uniform color; with seafood-specific odor, no smell; full shape, back stab straight, hard body, thick meat, mouth basic without lime the selection, to pick the shriveled, and now there are many unscrupulous traders in the processing of sea cucumber, in order to increase the weight of sea cucumber by adding a lot of sugar, gum or even alum, so processed sea cucumber although not in line with product quality standards, but because of the abnormal body full of anomalies, the color is also black and beautiful, but more pro-lai, in the selection should pay attention to this point.

how to sea cucumber soup drink?

in the private sector to sea cucumber for therapeutic diet, sea cucumber and more for the practice of soup, stir-fried.note when cooking soup, sea cucumber taste lighter, delicious soup can be used to match it, such as chicken soup, bone soup, the taste will be better.sea cucumber is a high protein food, amino acids and more decomposition products excreted by the kidneys, so the poor one can not eat more kidney function.recommended sea cucumber recipes 1.sea cucumber< strong> flower gum</strong>< strong> silky fowl</strong> soup</p>< good hair follicles; small pieces of black-bone chicken 淖 to bloody water; wash dates, wolfberry, yam, ginger peeled and sliced; all the ingredients together into the stew pot, simmer for 4 hours, salt seasoning can be.recommended sea cucumber recipes 2.fungus sea cucumber soup

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wash the sea cucumber into small pieces, cut into cucumbers slices onions, shredded ginger, sliced ​​ginger, cilantro cut into sections; pan pan into the oil, until the oil temperature of 30% of the heat when the ginger fried flavor, then add white fungus and fungus, pour the appropriate amount of soup, add wine, salt, chicken ; small fire simmer for half an hour into the sea cucumber, add pepper into the bowl after boiled, add cucumber slices, onion and parsley, pour a little sesame oil.recommended sea cucumber recipes 3.sea cucumber millet gruel wash rice and peanuts, add boiled to a little thick, ginger shredded; porridge during the sea cucumber boiled water; boiled pour over the water of sea cucumber and ginger into the millet gruel, continue to cook for about 10 minutes, sprinkle the amount of salt before the fire can be.

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