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vinegar is one of the most commonly used condiments in cooking, which not only increases freshness and fragrance but also preserves the nutritional content of the food.for those who need salt control, but also enhance saltiness, reduce salt intake.the face of the market dazzling variety of vinegar, how to identify a good bottle of vinegar? do you really"jealous"? health care vinegar is not more"health care"in the supermarket, a wide variety of vinegar, white vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, vinegar......and some known as"add health care function factor, taste soft and cool, regulate blood pressure lipids,"and other special effects of health vinegar, and even vinegar on the basis of adding wolfberry, red dates, yams and other health care vinegar made of traditional chinese donglan, director of the institute of nutritional research at the military medical research institute, said ordinary vinegar can play the above health effects, so consumers do not have to be overly superstitious.adults daily vinegar amount should be 20-40 grams, whether it is health vinegar or ordinary vinegar do not exceed 100 grams a xingguo, vice president of liaoning nutrition society introduced vinegar degree represents the degree of acidity, that is, the greater the degree of acidity higher.usually less than 5 degrees vinegar for cooking, vinegar 6 degrees above the acid, 9 degrees vinegar is usually used to pickled food.acetic acid concentration of white vinegar, bactericidal effect, can be used to mix cold dishes, vinegar bonito films and so on.rice vinegar is widely used in cooking, there are special fragrance, suitable for sweet and sour dishes and marinades.vinegar was dark brown, mellow taste, commonly used in sweet and sour pork ribs and other colors need to highlight the sour dishes, but also suitable for eating dumplings dipping.when to put vinegar pay attention wang xingguo said that vinegar and many foods can become"perfect match."in the salad of eggplant, purple cabbage and other anthocyanins rich in vinegar, make the dishes more red and bright colors; cooking potatoes, bean sprouts and other foods rich in vitamin c appropriate to add some vinegar can effectively reduce the loss of nutrients; add a small amount of vinegar when burning fish or lamb stew, can reduce the fishy smell and remove sheep smell; when stewed beef or mutton kelp, put vinegar, can make vegetables faster dunlu rotten.however, the red bell peppers, pumpkin, pea, celery and other foods rich in carotene, if fried, boiled, stew and other heating cooking vinegar, will undermine nutrients.yang lili, a professor of health at xiyuan hospital of china academy of chinese medical sciences, said that vinegar not only helps digestion and sterilization, but also helps reduce postprandial blood glucose other effects.spare time may wish to try the following"vinegar cure"side, with some health benefits.1.vinegar peanuts soaked peanuts in vinegar, one day after eating, 2 times a day, each 10-15 tablets.have heat, blood effects, long-term adherence can lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol accumulation.2.vinegar ginger ginger slices, into a jar, add vinegar, sealed with a lid, marinated for more than a week to eat.vinegar bubble ginger with stomach, weight loss, anti-hair loss, prevent chronic diseases, enhance the body's yang effect.3.vinegar soaked garlic will peeled garlic soak in the water overnight, the filter into the vinegar soak after 50 days to eat.2-3 vinegar to eat garlic every day can be anti-cold, cold, physical fitness.

in addition, black beans fried with vinegar, soybeans and other practices are also worth trying.however, the experts pointed out that the civil on the"jealous lets you get rid of high blood pressure""vinegar can beauty to lose weight""vinegar can regulate blood acid-base balance"and other claims are unscientific, is unable to stand feet.

4-step pick out a good vinegar

to pick out a good bottle of vinegar, the following methods are available for your reference:

body"brewing"the words, the implementation of standards for the gb18187, which is the national food standards on the number of brewing vinegar.

look at the color of good quality brewed vinegar or vinegar"color heavy vinegar the better."the color of aged vinegar is reddish brown or reddish brown, the color of rice vinegar is lighter, the white vinegar is colorless.

the precipitation of vinegar without impurities, poured into the bowl will be hanging cup.

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smell the scent good vinegar sour long, soft and not irritating.

check the bubble shake the vinegar bottle, fine vinegar foam exudes slowly and slowly.

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