starvation is also a fake! can you tell if you're hungry or hungry?

this is true! hunger is also fake! some people may say, how could i even be really hungry or hungry are not clear it? do not believe it, take a look at these types of"fake hungry"state, have you ever had it?

1, often feel very hungry before going to bed often in most cases, the night before you feel hungry is not really hungry, but because your body's cells are dehydrated, so the brain was misleading issued a wrong signal.recommendation:before going to bed can drink a cup of green juice, both timely replenishment of water, but also solve the hunger, but also release fructose, to help relax the nerves, and promote sleep.2, just finished eating something and feel hungry some people will appear just after dinner, feel hungry, no feeling of fullness, especially want to eat sweets or what fact, this is also a kind of"pseudo-hunger."may be eating some of the food is simple, the lack of produce"fullness"of cellulose, protein or healthy fat, which led to postprandial blood glucose dropped, resulting in"fake hungry"phenomenon.recommendation:you can eat healthy snacks, such as a piece of fresh fruit, a nut, cheese or peanut butter and so on.3, bad mood, especially when you want to eat

when fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness and other negative emotions appear, it will interfere with and disorderly control the complex nervous system of appetite, eventually lead to abnormal appetite, there is a sense of hunger.therefore, many people habitually eat in bad mood, as a way to ease.suggestions:trying to go for a walk, write a diary, listen to music, call a friend, chew your mint, read a book, go to a library or a museum while in bad mood may be helpful you stay away from fake hunger.4, fatigue and hunger after exercise many people will feel tired after exercise, but mistakenly put the feeling of fatigue mixed with hunger, and then go eat a big fact, the secretion of"hunger hormone"in people's body to control appetite does not have a very direct connection with exercise itself.recommendation:fatigue after exercise only need to add some specific nutrients can, for example, choose chicken or other lean meat, in which the protein can replenish the energy consumed by muscles after exercise, in addition you can choose brown rice or other whole grain cereals.

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5, eating while watching tv may be boring to eat something

many people like to eat watching tv, afterwards, he realized he had unknowingly eaten a large bag of potato chips or seeds.this may be because the tv shows are so exciting that you do not pay attention to what you are eating or because you're bored.some experts say that finding someone to be bored is actually one of instincts.recommendation:before watching tv, first feel how hungry in the end, and then decide whether to prepare or prepare how much weight snacks.also, watching tv is best not to let both hands idle, you can do manual live side look, or flip through the magazine and the like, put up a walk for a moment while advertising, this will allow you to reduce the eating of excess food.

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