sprouted garlic is really better?

see the news online that eating germinated garlic is good for the heart, is it true? wang yumei, director of nutrition at beijing watson hospital, introduced the online news, perhaps from a study by the college of food science and biotechnology at kyungpook national university in south korea.the researchers studied the anti-oxidative activity of garlic germplasm of all varieties in south korea's pyongan region by experiment, and found that the antioxidant activity of garlic germinated for 5 days was stronger than that of fresh garlic.garlic itself has certain benefits for the cardiovascular system, a benefit derived from its antioxidant, anti-platelet, blood pressure-lowering , lowering blood pressure and other effects.if the study in south korea is scientifically sound, it suggests that garlic, which has a short sprouting time, may have a greater protective effect on the cardiovascular system.however, the varieties of garlic in this study are different from the garlic varieties commonly consumed by chinese residents in the study, and only the antioxidant activity of the garlic germinated for 0 to 5 days has been analyzed and analyzed in the study, which is applicable to us for further study.such as germination over 5 days of garlic, is not also have this effect? however, sprouted garlic can be eaten at ease.

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