it's dark and it's called black fungus!because the private life is too rich?

the myth that women's nipples, labia, and other private parts have become dark is the myth that women have sex frequently, which makes the vagina can even be called"black fungus"with contempt.

, in fact, this statement is unwarranted.

blind faith in this rumor straight male cancer, why don't you first ask yourself why you have grown up and your lower body color is much deeper than when you were a child?

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private parts is original than normal skin black

the depth of the skin, depend on the number of melanocyte.

is located at the base of the epidermis of our skin and will continuously produce melanin, so the more melanocytes are, the darker the skin color will be.

:the distribution of melanocytes in the body of the body is different, for example, the melanocyte of the facial skin is twice as high as the body of the body, and the density of melanocytes in the perineum is higher.

why does the color of the private parts become darker after development?

because the sex hormone promotes the growth of melanin cells, making the skin darker.people after puberty, the sex hormone levels will rise obviously, both men and women at this moment, color of skin of perineum will become deep, this is normal physiological changes, and have not about sex at all.

children and older people with both sex hormones and melanocytes are much lower than adults, so the color is lighter in private.

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frequent sex make vagina color darker?

, the thickest part of the human cuticle is the elbow and knee that is often rubbed, which is darker in the skin because the long friction will stimulate the local cuticle to thicken.

, but the knee is rubbed so many times every day, and there is no darker color than the privacy.

, the outer surface of the female genitalia is not normal and keratinization is very low.the female only had the lateral epidermis of the vulva and the cell morphology of the common epidermis, and the inner side of the lower labia and labia were very thin.

, therefore, the dark light of the private color is not very close to the thickness of the keratin.even the friction in your sex life is not likely to thicken the cuticle to the point where the color deepens.

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what factors affect the vagina color?

1, sex hormone, progesterone

progesterone also promotes the increase of melanocytes.during pregnancy women's nipples and perineum have obvious pigmentation.after childbirth, this pigmentation usually fades slowly and naturally.

2, genetic factor

heredity factor determines the color of the nipple or large labia, small labia, some women have no sex life, or the experience of pregnancy, and the labia color is naturally darker.

3, over-cleaning

generally, healthy women only need to clean out the shade.only some women with gynecological problems may need a wash.

but healthy women have long been using alkaline taiqiang nursing liquid and disinfectant cleaning, which may result in pigmentation, which can lead to darker color.

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