women shouldn't do anything to their breasts

, like most women on earth, i can remember very clearly that my breasts started to develop when i was a teenager.this can be an incredibly embarrassing experience, as we try to try something new with the stimulation of all the hormones and emotions.but over time, we finally figured out the best way to handle the"extra meat"on our chest.or at least, we think we did.but most of us, it turns out, are completely wrong.many women fail to realize that the lack of attention to their breasts puts our health at serious risk.

1, lying down to sleep

although not, like the rumored to shrink your chest, but overnight pressure will still be with the passage of time and change its shape.take a pillow and prop them up, or turn them over to sleep.try not to sleep on your stomach, because it's not only good for your chest, it's bad for your heart.

2, nipple piercing

any puncture risk of infection, but the nipple's very close to the lymphatic system, this means that the malignant bacteria can spread rapidly in the blood.

3, pinch too tight

we know that some women when dealing with a partner would prefer to see some wild..but these can also lead to the same damage as scar tissue, such as wearing a bra that is too small to cause potential pain problems.so try not to get too carried away in the boudoir.

4, trichotillomania

every time you pulled out from a sensitive area a nuisance of the hair follicle, your skin becomes thinner, which often make the hair grow longer and longer, and have more inflammation.

5, wearing the wrong size bra

only a quarter of women wearing the right size, most of the smaller size.this extra cleavage might look good, but studies have shown that squeezing in too small a cup limits the flow of blood, leading to the formation of scar tissue that can lead to cancer.

6, the smoke of my cigarette

each inhalation of cigarette suction irritant chemical damage to the lungs is everyone know, but they also penetrate into the skin and make the elastin disappear, this is the reason why often smokers started to droop.

7, don't wear bra

even the petite lady, go out jogging or don't wear sports bras to go to the gym, also can let our girls in the formation of scar tissue, and for some people, it is very painful.

8, let them dry

breast is very thin and it is easy to lose the elastic and itchy flakes.remember to moisturize regularly with skin creams or lotions, preferably with uv protection.

9 of rough handling, one of the

you might be disappointed at the right side a little bit small size, and frustration.in fact, from a statistical point of view, has a bigger than another(usually on the left) is one of the most common thing women around the world, so there's no need to go to plastic surgery to change anything.

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