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bibo court fusion of traditional chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping, scrapping and body-keeping for shousands of massage, bone method, combining with western scientific launch far infrared ray, produce anion, up to 7200 beats per minute of high frequency vibration, the use of modern science and technology, through the batch to produce a negative pressure suction a put the action of pulse unblocked, to beyond comfort in physically body-keeping for shousands of efficacy.

a) negative pressure principle:

the negative pressure inside the cup, can make the local capillary hyperemia, stimulate organs, enhance the cell vitality, promote functional activities, improve the body's resistance;the mechanical stimulation of negative pressure can be transmitted to the central nervous system through reflection, which can regulate the balance of nervous the operation, the inhalation and discharge of air, negative pressure increase and disappear replacement, the local pores continue to open and close, promote skin absorption, increase the oxygen uptake, speed up waste has the effect of temperature and meridian circulation, invigorating blood circulation, opening the muscle, spreading blood stasis, detoxification and exorcism.

b) blood circulation:

blood circulation can deep into subcutaneous tissue seven centimeters, combined with deep massage smooth flesh, dredge mammary gland bubble, make the invisible drive tangible blood gas, oxygen and nutrients to the breast, and stimulate the pituitary gland secretion of female hormones, strengthen the breast connective tissue, stimulate the growth of breast development.promote contractions of the uterus, tighten skin elastic fibers, and prevent skin tissue from sagging and dispersing.

c) the high frequency magnetic vibration massage:

the cups with high frequency magnetic resonance device is combined with electric magnetic acupuncture point therapy massage new beauty care equipment.magnetic resonance massage device to produce double effect of magnetic field and vibration massage, acting on the useful parts of the body, or points of main and collateral channels, promoting blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance the vitality of the body cells, and produce a variety of the desired effect.

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