the girl friend come to aunt also let her drink red sugar water?the out!

through scientific investigation, the incidence of female dysmenorrhea is 60%-70%, which is to say,"what about your girlfriend's aunt?"it's a problem that bothers most boyfriends.

of course, some of the girls to aunt as usual, have to say that there is such a girlfriend, can really reduce the boy a lot of pressure.

a lot of guys stop learning about their aunts"pain, pain, no bed pain."and the way to deal with it is to drink lots of hot water.and with the popularity of the internet, there are some people of insight, through baidu society to let his girlfriend drink brown sugar water.

but!!!!!!!!!!!do you drink red sugar hose?the expert replied that it didn't work, and that drinking the red sugar water could prolong the period, increase the pain, and the best time to drink the brown sugar water was not during the there a fear?

, how can we help our girlfriend to relieve the pain?

let's see what is the cause of dysmenorrhea: is not regular:mainly including sleep and eating, stay up late, don't eat breakfast, eat snacks, irregular meals and nutrition disequilibrium, and so on, will lead to menstrual cramps; weight loss:now girls always feel that they are in bad shape, and they are too lazy to exercise, and choose to lose weight by dieting, which can result in poor nutrition and anemia, which can lead to dysmenorrhea.

3.lack of exercise:more and more girls now advocate brushing, tweeting and friends.i don't want to go out and exercise.a lack of exercise is more likely to happen than girls who exercise regularly, the study says.

4.physical constitution:everyone's physical constitution is the human personality characteristics that gradually formed during the growth and development of human beings.the study found that in nine kinds of chinese medicine constitution(gentle temperament, deficiency, qi depression, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, blood stasis, phlegm wet, hot and humid and the great mass), in addition to the gentle temperament of eight kinds of biased constitution, and a variety of physical compound fitness crowd, dysmenorrhea occurred more often;

5.mother heredity:as the saying goes, genes are powerful.the mother's dysmenorrhea, in which a particular gene is present, is passed on to her daughter.

6.psychological effect:every girl seems to be ready to come to her aunt before she comes to her aunt, and it hurts fact, this is a self-insinuation that can lead to anxiety, which can lead to dysmenorrhea in the endocrine disorder, and it is likely to increase the degree of dysmenorrhea.and, learning, work, exams, emotional anxiety-induced anxiety can have the same effect.

to know the reason, the talk about the boyfriend should do the following:

first of all, for this reason, during the period of the aunt to do these things, can effectively improve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea:

1.adjust the schedule, reasonable diet:eating disorders, since life help girlfriend break bad habits.urge her to go to bed and get up early every day, eat three meals at a fixed time, pay attention to the balanced intake of nutrients, and reduce the intake of raw and cold food.

2.together with her exercise:often exercise, yoga, running, aerobics, etc.), not only can make the body more beautiful, have the effect of weight loss, but also can strengthen uterine blood circulation, strengthen physique, improve and alleviate dysmenorrhea symptoms;

3.refused to negative energy:a qualified boyfriend should do of, is to make a girlfriend in most of the time is in a state of happy, at the same time can help her solve the problem, ease the pressure on this way, it can reduce the anxiety caused by the negative emotions, which can effectively alleviate the menstrual cramps.

4.bring her full understanding and understanding of dysmenorrhea, and overcome the fear of the pain from her girlfriend.

:second, you should do it during your aunt's time:

1.heavy!in the!the!heavy!!!!!!!!!!!be sure to try your best to warm up your girlfriend.such as warm babies, warm water bags, large cotton slippers, warm water...all the tools that will warm up your girlfriend's the same time, you can use hot water bubble feet for your girlfriend before going to bed.your own girlfriend, you don't warm to wait for others to warm;

2.listen to your must listen to your girlfriend during your is known that a girl who comes to her aunt is irritable and irritable, so don't mess with her at this time.if you can't fight back, you can't repay.also will make her happy, the mood is good, natural is not so painful;

3.massage your words can go to baidu massage teaching video, believe me, you and your girlfriend, will enjoy it;

4.prepare dessert.there are very few women who don't have a sweet tooth. cold:that is, the more do not want to do, when i was during my aunt girls often look at ice cream drooling over a kind of food can cause abdominal pain, and you want to do, is to stop her;

6.prepare painkillers, and if you can't stand it, you can only rely on painkillers, and there's no way to do it.

, if your girlfriend tells you auntie, don't just tell them to drink more hot water.

welcome attention!


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