there are many types of dry goods |.will it be different?

:the food products of glue, a lot of people think of it should be the food of the pastries.compared with glue, it is no stranger to us, and it has always been praised as a good medicine for women, because of its particularity, it is also classified as a famous chinese medicine.and the gum cake, naturally is the main raw material made of glue as the cake, its efficacy, presumably also has a great relationship with the blood tonic.

for a lot of friends, may not be homemade gelatin cake, but the outside propaganda, still have a lot of buy to eat.but how much do you know about the ingredients?

gelatin cake ingredients and production

ingredients:gelatin cake is the donkey-hide gelatin, walnut meat, black sesame seed as the main raw material, supplemented by other herbs medicine and food made from a kind of pastry, commonly used materials have red jujube, medlar, longan, sesame seed, ginseng, maca, roses, astragalus, chinese angelica, rock sugar, rice wine, etc.

production:modern production way is:after donkey-hide gelatin grinding into powder, into a ceramic pot, add small fire in the decoction of chinese rice wine, get rid of the smell, such as gelatin yang and joined after foaming materials(red jujube, longan pulp, walnut meat, black sesame seed, etc.), the be fond of according to their own tastes add rock sugar, stirring constantly.

mixing process can be seen that the color of the red dates is gradually getting darker, and the glue is gradually becoming thick and sticky, then pour into the clean and water-less vessel to squeeze and cool, and then cut into the rubber cake after solidification.

the effect of donkey-hide gelatin cake and eating

efficacy:donkey-hide gelatin cake main efficacy for tonifying qi and blood, beauty to raise colour, raise immunity, according to different can add accessories if both bowel aperient, ziyin kidney, yangxin sedative effect and so on, suitable for all kinds of food.

:2 times daily, 1~3 pieces each time, summer can be refrigerated and eaten.


1, glue cake is a tonic food, it should be eaten before breakfast and after dinner, and these two time points are conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the sponge cake.of course, for people with stomach upset, you may choose to eat after meals.

2, glue cake is delicious and nourishing, but it is also easy to get on fire.therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the consumption of the gelatin, and treat it as a snack.for the body heat population, appropriate less consumption, and should drink more water, avoid causing fire or other adverse reactions.

3, the menstrual period should avoid the use of gum cake, the male patients with prostatitis should be used with caution, the diet should not be too spicy, greasy.

in the end, whether it be a homemade gelatin cake or purchase, attention should be kept at room temperature and exposure to high is recommended to know the body constitution before eating, to determine the consumption time and consumption, and to have a better tonic effect.

:this is the introduction of the sponge cake.i wish you good health.

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