experts have summarized four effective methods of detoxification of women

body detoxification is an important part of the operation of the body, especially for women who love beauty.if the toxin in the body doesn't come out, it causes the skin to be dull and dark and heavy, and so it's important to detoxify your life.

here, just introduced four body detoxification method

first, drink detoxification method on time

according to the chinese medicine from a day of health law,(maoshi, 5-7) since morning, at noon(at noon, 1-3), evening(youshi, afternoon 5 to 7) respectively for the large intestine, small intestine, kidney meridian in season, green tea to drink more water or urination.

the second, four seasons diet detoxification method

spring should eat bean sprouts, strawberry;summer should drink green bean soup, mung bean porridge, eat more winter melon, watermelon, bamboo shoots, pear moisten lung in autumn;in winter, eat more ginger to detoxify, radish, cabbage can also detoxify, might as well eat more.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbb 3/p bbb 3, urinates and salt discharge are natural gas drainage pipes.defecate can discharge 50% of human body toxin out of the body, want to develop the habit that time defecate, the modern people two days defecate three times more appropriate.generally speaking, eating at least one jin of vegetables and a whole meal can keep you from constipation.

4, steamed salted detoxification method

salt steamed unique rare earth permanent magnet combined with precious stones inside the room, the environment of high temperature to release a large number of negative oxygen ions and far infrared ray, make human body easily a lot of salt, put a large amount of toxins accumulated in the body and cosmetic residues with the salt out of the body, by stimulating the salt gland to increase the permeability of skin, and self-cleaning ability to detoxify that which the play, also can promote the blood circulation, increase immunity, prevent the production of a variety of diseases, if has been accompanied by pain, appropriately increased salt steaming times, in order to eliminate the disease as soon as salt steaming is the best and most effective method of detoxification.

steamed salted detoxification health has important significance to the body, the body's most diseases are associated with cell metabolism and toxin accumulation conditions.if the body's endotoxin overload is not immediately detoxified, the toxin will infect cells, attack cells, and more serious conditions may lead to genetic variation in addition, the long-term accumulation of toxins, which affect the uptake of nutrients, can accelerate the deterioration of cells.

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