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i never thought i would be like this...

my name is yan xue meng, i am 32 years old and i am already a mother of 2 children.but from the beginning of this year, don't know is what reason, my menstrual quantity is less and less, not every time, when the color black, feel whole body have no energy, lumbar debility, head dizzy, i also found his face long spot,

the days each month to menstruation, pain can't under the bed, uninterrupted hot water bag and stick, can only eat painkillers, finally can't have to go to a hospital checking, the doctor said i was the ovarian function degradation, lead to irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea, the doctor gave me a lot of drugs, these drugs are mostly of progesterone and so on, i try to eat a few times, these medicines are eaten has effect, but once stop drug, menstruation will not come, what effect all have no, total procrastination doesn't get better, i was upset minded, always quarrel with my husband, the relationship was dropped to freezing point during that period.

until you have a chat with my girlfriends about this matter, i complain to their girlfriends before menstruation is normal ah, it's nothing wrong with dysmenorrhea, why like this now?girlfriends listened to my words, comfort i don't have too much pressure, introduces a teacher to me, is specialized in this respect, i try holding the mentality is tried, the details of the consultation with my teacher, gave me a small prescription diet, i think that diet is safe, try to do the do, i'll eat for two months, found that face look better obviously, menstruation is more regular and normal, the color is very good also, hands and feet are warm, let me take this prescription to share out the hope can help you:

jujube 50 grams, 80 grams of motherwort, 50 grams of brown sugar, add water right amount fried into 150 ml of 1 times, once a day.ok, today i am here sharing, hope i can help to you,

well, sharing it here today, if you like my share, forward welcome praise and attention, if you have what problem can leave a message below.

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