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do you have this experience:squatting on the ground to stand up, eyes moment black?if so, you may need to look at the following.

is a typical symptom of blood deficiency.

:for physiological reasons, female friends lose more blood than men in their life.they are more likely to have blood deficiency than men.besides dizziness and dark, what other symptoms do they have?

hemopenia common symptoms

    <p>number one:the man of blood, complexion.there was always no flush, dry skin.</p><p>second:people with little blood can easily lose sleep.this is called blood does not raise heart, so can insomnia, modern inside, this kind of reason causes insomnia more.</p><p>third:people who have blood deficiency have a superficial color of the mucosa, such as the color of the nail, the color of the lips, the color of the eyelids, and so on, always pale.</p><p>fourth:people with little blood, fatigue, weak limbs and lethargy.and it's easy to palpitations when you're tired, your heart beats weakly, and it's easy to get dizzy.</p><p>fifth:people of blood and deficiency, hands and feet are hot in the summer, and when it is winter, the hands and feet are instantly cold.enter air conditioning air conditioning room in summer, also will be so, this is blood deficiency can not support the limbs.such people are afraid of the cold wind, and wear more clothes than others in the winter.</p><p>sixth:blood deficiency, squat down two minutes, suddenly stood up, eyes suddenly became dark moment, and then properly, such, is often lack of qi and blood, however, qi and blood of traditional chinese medicine theory is that alternate, blood tonic, often have very good effect.</p>

a prescription:greatly tonifying qi yu ling cream

yu ling cream, also known as"ginseng cream", from the famous doctor in qing dynasty wang mengying"along with interest in eating spectrum", recorded in the book of jade cream greatly tonifying qi and blood, spirit lselection ginseng and astragalus.

raw materials are especially simple:

longan meat+western ginseng powder, and the ratio of 10:1 is fitted, and the paste can be steamed.

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine is a famous scholar dr luo dalun in cctv's"lecture room"is also particularly recommended the nourishing blood, approach is as follows:

1, dry longan meat, washed chopped, american ginseng powder, specific amount can be decided, but the proportion of longan meat and american ginseng is 10:1, use 300 grams of longan meat, for example, then add 30 g of american ginseng powder.stir well together in a stewed cup without adding water.

2, steam the water in a pot and steam it for at least 10 hours.it's best to steam it for 40 hours.steam paste and put in a jar to keep in the refrigerator.

, a lot of readers say, wouldn't it be a two-day steaming?it is true that, according to wang's method, it is steamed and steamed to 100 times a day, which is more than 40 hours.it is difficult to steam for so long, it can be steamed many times.

why does it take so long?we know that longan is good, but it is dry and easy to fire.steam up to 10 hours, or even 40 hours, to dissipate its heat, and it will be more effective at this time, and you won't get angry if you eat it.

but steaming to more than 10 hours, the sweetness of the longan will disappear and become a little bitter, so wang mengying's words say, add sugar to the money.you can steam it with a little sugar, or add some brown sugar when you drink it.

3, how to eat:use a small scoop of jade cream to add to the cup every morning and evening.

is a square that can quickly refill the blood, the power channel is very large, and the usual method of filling the blood does not work, and the prescription will soon take effect.but pregnant women and children should not.

you control when it comes to blood deficiency symptoms in the beginning, if you also have these problems, so well worth try this prescription.you can do it yourself at home, but the western ginseng and longan meat must be good, and the time of steaming should be enough, so that the effect is good.

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