one kind of food makes you white and health codes make you drink the goddess's temperament

guide:the skin that wants to have 18 years of white tender water spirit is very simple, maintain the password red bean coix seed powder to help you to achieve whitening beautifying appearance.

every woman wants to have white flawless skin, would do more than any you maintain article recuperated from inside, what can make our low cost to obtain white nennen weeping skin?health password red bean coix seed powder to protect your skin.

ormosia contains vitamin b, vitamin e, calcium, iron and other nutrients, high iron content, improve the efficiency of the circulation of blood in the body, blood and tonifying qi, this let red bean become the good assistant helps women recover ruddy complexion.

semen coicis are common in everyday, but its efficacy is very strong, and can remove the moisture inside body, the body toxins out of body and will not cause significant damage to the body, to regulate the body own quiet way.barley has a little cold, and keeping in good health password is recommended at ordinary times can be red bean barley cooking together, cooking chenggongdou barley porridge or ormosia barley soup, two kinds of ingredients of predatory complementary to each other, make a whitening effect on a level.

health code red bean barley powder is a selection of preserve one's health to eat the whitening products, also be the welfare of the lazy whitening products, drink every day health code red beans, barley powder, can be effective to raise skin bright a degree, to restore the skin smooth like at the age of code red bean coix seed powder contains red bean, coix seed, oats, yams, such as after a can reasonable collocation, can let a person more absorption, does not increase the stomach burden, every day insist on drinking, whitening effect appears, keeping in good health code red bean coix seed powder is want white girl on the table and essential.

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want to whiten not only the food, but also the bad things that make the skin black, stick to the red bean coix seed powder, and keep the health password with your health.(this article is original, without permission, and cannot be reproduced)


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