women must know a standard of choice

some female friends find it easier to identify men, but some female friends find it harder to identify their male friends.a lot of people of all kinds, coupled with their own ideas is not deep, it is easy to see the wrong eye.then there are some standard mate standards? the following xiaobian take you to experience it!

mate standard 1, romantic is not important honest and stable

traditional women, perhaps the most important to live, to pick the man can not be romantic is not important, the most important thing is honest and good, which of course in the warm and adequate phase of women are most likely to produce this kind of concept.however, some women get married for a long time, and when conditions are well-to-do, they find that they are still a little romantic, and sometimes they may feel that this romantic or necessary life is for enjoyment.so, there will be confusion, and even eager to derailment.

mate standard 2, high and humorous talent is hard to find
real talented and have a sense of humor, of course, in life, but certainly not much, only a lot of men with a sense of humor, but no humor, sometimes funny, but more like to play poor, truly talented and humorous man, very rare, looking for such a man, life is doomed to be lonely, surprise from time to time , of course, can enjoy the love of life and the joy of life.

mate standard 3, passion career ambitions such as qianlong

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some women also love ambitious men , or a man who is passionate, fully involved, and ambitious.of course, such a man may not necessarily start high and may experience many setbacks.however, when a woman looks upon such a man and falls in love with such a man, fall in love with"potential shares", make good, naturally have big hair, but marry this type of man, the most need to share common prosperity and common ends, men's career is not successful, women do not regret it.4, the overall quality is good to know the most important such a woman must be more intellectual, because she can not only measure macroscopically, but also microscopic examination.perhaps, this woman also has emotional time, but she will use reason to guide.this woman often can live a happy life, envy.the general intellectual woman, often able to have"clover"predicted happiness, it seems that everything is happy, the quality of nature itself has a decisive factor, after which is a good opportunity.

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