women often love the great benefits of cool and healthy

love love is the love of men and women in the marriage wall love indispensable emotional lubricant.love is not simply to meet the physiological needs of men and women, women often love to make their own body and spirit more healthy.so, love is not just bed sports, women in the marriage please enjoy love love it!

most people have fewer than 5 average love-times per month, compared with 6.5 for the average monthly love-love data 20 years earlier.a woman has an average of four love mates in her life, and an average of seven love mates in her life.

65% of people over 50 still love love and are active.85% of people think that with age, love and pressure will be smaller, love and love more wonderful.an hour of love and 30 minutes of jogging consume almost as much calories.

◆ 1/6 of women in the love of sleep after the higher quality.

love unexpectedly have six unexpected benefits, a woman should not refuse!

1 love love, the body becomes strong!

love the sport to the benefits of the human body, as much as jogging.in the process of love and love, women and partners have shortness of breath, the heart beating more vigorously, the metabolism speeding up and the body cells gain more oxygen.love love three times a week for one year, the amount of exercise equivalent to jogging 75 km, love the consumption of surprising!

2.love often, so that the face is not old! wrinkles, speckles quietly appear in the more haggard woman's face, you want to eliminate these as much love.often love women fast metabolism, supple skin translucent, regular love of love for women to get the best care, these destroyed the value of acne, acne disappeared without a trace, which is the love of the benefits.

3.love and more,< strong> estrogen</strong> also high!

estrogen is self-evident for a woman's ability to maintain and gain fertility throughout the menstrual cycle without estrogen.however, older women estrogen gradually reduced, then through the law of love can make estrogen rise again, so that women maintain good blood circulation.

4 after love, vaginal bacteria was destroyed! love love when the penis will be injected into the vagina in the vagina, semen in the charge of plasma forward, eliminate private parts of streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus and other bacteria.in the process of making love, women's privacy is quietly diminishing.however, love and love can not stop the emergence of vaginitis, a woman needs treatment for symptoms.

5.love more, will help reduce stress! now women can also top half the sky, work stress often leads to women's endocrine disorders, or even no interest in love.in fact, in addition to exercise, board games or video games, regular love can help women decompression, love can prevent brain aging and slow memory loss.

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6 love hobby, so that the pain disappeared!

a woman often a pain in the elderly, where the pain, they do not know, the pain of the antidote actually love love.by the way, when love orgasm particularly reaches orgasm, the pain of a woman has completely disappeared.this is because the body releases endorphins during orgasm, which increases the woman's ability to tolerate pain.

women often love the benefits of there are many, speaking also can not finish.however, love is not without harm, if love is too excessive will damage the body, love to do what you can, the law of love.

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