male performance shows that he spirit derailed

spiritual derailment refers to a kind of spiritual empathy, and some people even think that mental derailment is more serious than physical derailment.when our partner appears below these situations, it may be that he appeared spirit derailed.1.often find excuses not to go home

man derailed, he would feel home is a burden, will think home is boring, so often find an excuse not to go home , such as corporate entertainment, friends and more. solitude

when he came home, he was always watching tv or playing computer and playing cell-phone, even if he was idle, but he did not want to look for something with each other things that can kill time.

3.husband and wife living into a routine

there is a derailment party, often not interested in marital sex, even if sometimes out of the physical needs, but also routine, quick fix.4.deliberately prodding

if a man always complain about each other because of a small matter, sometimes deliberately prick, and always take each other to compare with others, so, so marriage life will only be more and more boring.

5.frustration on relatives and friends#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

in real life, the other half of marriage is no longer treated as the most relatives, relatives and friends of the other side would also like to keep a distance, or even no enthusiasm, no mood, but also want to strongly avoid.forget the memory of the other party's birthday, or even forget each other's birthday, or by his birthday gift to see people know that it is perfunctory and bought.

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