after breaking up, we must know about this matter

former boyfriend broke up, how to do complex? as the saying goes,"a good horse does not eat back to grass", before deciding and ex-boyfriend compound, it is best to think clearly the following four things!

#1:you broke up what is the reason? infidelity, values ​​and lifestyle differences too much, both family involvement......the reasons for breaking up a variety of different, identify the problem, can help you to adjust the feelings of each other after the start of the feelings expected, and set out to solve these you have the confidence to face the emotional problems? if you've been through a less peaceful breakup, there will be some more or less resentment against each other, and when you compound, you will adjust your defense and alert mentality to a new phase the pain of breaking up will also have some negative impact on the feeling of this re-departure and need enough trust and patience to face it.

3rd:do people around you support this decision? on many occasions, onlookers can perceive the problems between you.before deciding to compound, you may want to ask your family or friends to see what they say and maybe give you good advice.

no.4:you just want to compound because of dependence?

are you unable to adapt to the days without him? after breaking up because i feel lonely decided to compound with him? do you understand the true feelings of your heart? do not waste your time with this wrong decision.

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