a woman who is too young will only kill your love

the first two years of such a report, a pair of newcomers in guangdong, was originally going to wedding photos, but the woman dressed himself as a 70-year-old woman, asked the groom to the age of 70 will be love her? but also her boyfriend dressed as a 70-year-old man wedding photographs.

of course, men do not agree , also asked her girlfriend to re-normalize makeup, but the woman does not agree.finally, prompting a boyfriend roar street roar away, leaving the girlfriend crying in the street.

this incident was still caused online users hot, naturally, both sides are standing on the team.but the couple should get along with understanding and tolerance, some jokes in love can not just open, and some words can not just say, some things even more can not be done casually.but there are always some people are very"made", you like this is very easy to lose your love!

in love, do not move inside and out of love at every turn does not love the problem

women are naturally sensitive to love a lot, a little sign of trouble, may cause her emotions, but men most women are most afraid of asking"do not love me?"this will only make the man collapse, he still have any thoughts and you live a good life, plan the future together? love him, choose to believe him.

remember not to damage the man's face

outer face of a man hurt a woman, in fact, is playing his own face, but also damage the image of the value of a man in the eyes of others.sometimes a man needs more than a virtuous wife, and more needs to be an understanding wife who can keep a secret.the woman who loves his privacy in the sight of friends, colleagues or family is a woman who will not please a man.

like to be vexatious, totally dismissive

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to exert great pressure on men, he will feel very inferior to treat men more blame should be encouraged.criticism and questioning is not as gentle knife, do not begrudge your praise, often to meet his vanity, will make him more willing to do your cow.avoid being foolhardy, sometimes clever anti clever mistaken, it is better to sprinkle a man to make it easier to compromise.

always want to be with men around, not independent is not desirable

an independent woman full of charm, men like independent women, because independent women know how to enjoy life , know how to enrich yourself.not enough independent women, often talking in front of men, is likely to lead to conflict.over time, men also do not have the mind to work well.only a man attached to a woman, there must be almost worry.

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