women in love have a kind of low emotional performance

all women in love say iq is zero, in fact, in love, many women's emotional intelligence may also be a serious decline in the situation.women in love if the value of intelligence and iq are negative, then the ultimate loss or yourself! in love, what women have low eq performance?

in love, women have four kinds of low emotional performance

2, very self-willed man is not a reason for you unruly unruly, because a little can not satisfy their own affairs to make princess disease, it is easy for men to think you are vexatious, over time, you will lose patience, no matter how good a man, will be upset by your torture.3, too considerate

in order to please him, you are too concerned about his life, cook for him, sweeping, washing clothes, anxious to give all his good to him, always can not help but pay, that more will pay to reap more.in fact, if a woman is too considerate of a man over a long period of time, it is easy for a man to regard your considerateness as a habit, thinking that you should do what you should and do not know how to cherish.

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4, do not understand praise

if a man did a lot for you, you not only do not praise him , but also to blame him where to do well, men are likely to feel irritable.for the man to pay, women should be given appropriate praise or encouragement, because it will make him feel satisfied, will make him more motivated to carry out the next mission.

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