how to make mother like yourself?

the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a key part of family make the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law a better one, some efforts must be made as a how can i let my mother like it?

1 filial piety

mother-in-law is her husband's mother, is their elders, filial piety elders is a matter of justice, but also to maintain the foundation of the relationship between mother and, honor your in-laws with your husband, greetings for the chinese new year, and daily care are all important.

2 more concerned about the daily mother

whether you are open-minded or false, the superficial effort must be done, which will also make your husband look at you differently.more careful observation of her daily life, cold hot? what to eat? what do you want to do? take the time to meet her wishes, at least peace can not even make your relationship intimate.

3.listen to her nagging the elderly generally like to chat, and occasionally time to chat with her mother, listen to her nagging, even if she did not dare to rise on the topic also occasionally attached, can quickly narrow the relationship between you and her mother-in-law. not be too affectionate in front of her mother and husband

even if your husband and wife no matter how good, do not be too affectionate in front of her mother and her husband, on the one hand, respect for the elders, and the other on the one hand is to prevent her mother"jealous."for her mother-in-law, your husband is"her"son and you are the woman who snatched her some level, your relationship is hostile and you should stop spitting on her.

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baby son, but now it is an exotic woman to drink, their mood can be imagined.leave your mother-in-law after sight, how do you love to do everything, just do not let her see.

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