men as a kind of spare tire performance! woman should wake up

finally get out of the"single dog"life, and finally be able to enjoy the beauty of love with their loved ones.however, there are many dregs of men in the world.if a woman is drowsy through love, she may enter the man's"routine"with little attention and be treated as a"spare wheel"by what do men do when you have a spare tire?

men take you as spare tire has 5 kinds of performance! woman woke up

men have you as a spare tire has 5 kinds of performance! if you really love someone, whether the heart is sad or happy, he is very willing to tell his own mind and the other half , but if he treats you just as a spare tire, he may not be able to think of your comfort until he is in a bad mood.2, the information is not timely reply

if you really love someone, he will take the initiative to find you, if you send a message to him, he saw it will immediately reply.but if he takes you as a spare tire, he will often not reply to your message, which may indicate that he does not want to reply, or pretend not to see, until you really really boring will reply you.3, you suddenly hot and cold

he rarely take the initiative to contact you, even if really proactive contact only two cases, one is that he wants to be intimate with you second, quarrel with his"goddess"or turned his face, he rarely agreed with you in advance.why? because in his mind, you are just a planb.if you take the initiative to ask him to do something, he may give you an ambiguous answer to your perfunctory, such as:"let's see it."

now work overtime, eat a little and reply you again.and these twists and turns of the answer, can only explain that this person does not care about you so much.

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5, do not take you into contact with his circle

if he likes you, he will be eager to introduce you to his friends, family knowledge, to prove your relationship.however, if a man does not take you to see his friends, family, without you into his social circle, and even circle of friends are not willing to send, it may show that you are just a spare tire.

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