seven tips for a woman to remain attractive after marriage

between men and women, the views on marriage life are different.when you fall in love, you may think that the two are good, married, and feel like they are married to another.when a man falls in love, he values ​​the enjoyment, he enjoys the heart and beauty with a woman.after marriage, the man value is stable, he let himself bear the responsibility and women's future.

first, do not complain easily

love is a common problem of women, there are a few things to say on a few words, when in love, the man will take care of a few words, that is the topic, but after marriage, men think it is nonsense, is tortured, ears will give birth to prefer leisure to women rather than women.when a woman does not speak, when he senses something less, he can not help himself speaking a few words and has the desire to speak to her.second, be a wife and mother

lazy, is that many people want to enjoy the lifestyle.however, lazy will only give people endless darkness, it will make you feel step by step as opium, loss of love gentle woman, love to know how to work hard diligent are tired outside, may not talk much home, head to sleep, but he knows that these are good around this woman, he did not say anything, but he will remember.third, to be a cheeky woman

woman in the emotional world easy to cry.two people live together, more or less will have some misunderstanding.maybe, this time, he said something terrible, doing a bad job.afterwards, he knew that these were misunderstandings and hesitated to remember a woman.

women should learn not to revenge, if there is grudges really unbearable, but also reported on the spot, do not hide in my heart.for example, let him wash a week's bowl, dragging a week, and then do what he likes to eat the dish to treat him.maybe, a few friends sit together and talk about any sensitive topic, this time maybe he will speak out wild words for the face, this time a woman to learn to joke, learn to hold him.for example, in the topic of a friend, when he says he wants to have a mistress, you can go back and say:good idea, so after washing and cooking, i will not have to work hard.learning to joke is a kind of wisdom, as long as you know humility, it will make you get more.five, wholeheartedly support his career

the man's charm lies in the tall and straight, he is quite a home, quite play a future responsibility.a man who loves you, he will find ways to make money.when he is doing this, do not think he is stiff, because tired, frustrated, helpless, he thinks you are his pillar.a woman's compliment is a lubricant is a driving force, which is a man's necessities, so please do not skimp on their own women's praise.sixth, to be a woman who will pass the time#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"?

space between the two, when the man when life is busy, he may not care about you, but this time he worried about you are boring or lonely.a woman has a job, a income is a good choice, but if it is a housewife, then learn to put their own time good, do not turn around him, when he was free, well arranged for two people the world, life will naturally have some fun.

constantly enrich themselves, whether beauty or like to enjoy women, but also like to taste women.let a man think you are a book, but also make him think you are a the room can be sexy like a cat, while dignified in the hall more show woman charm.

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