cesarean section irregular menstruation caudate uterine incision diverticulum

cesarean section irregular menstruation be careful uterine incision diverticulum

cesarean section is a last resort way of assisted reproduction, but abuse in recent years, many people because of fear of pain have embarked on the road to cesarean section, that is,"get one knife"so simple.however, we think wrong, long-term complications caused by cesarean section will affect the quality of life and re-birth, such as uterine incision diverticulum.

uterine incision diverticulum, you know how much? uterine incision diverticulum, that is, after cesarean scar repair process in the anterior wall of the uterus formed a small space, and cesarean section incision position incision tear, bad fit, cesarean section the number of perioperative infections, sutures and so on.after the formation of uterine incision diverticulum, menstruation will often extend, dripping, and even cause dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain and infertility.

the original normal menstruation, but after cesarean section irregular menstruation women, can check for the presence of uterine incision diverticulum.conventional b-can be found in most of the incision diverticulum, hysterosalpingography and mri can not only check the diverticulum, but also to understand diverticulum size, location and depth.

uterine incision diverticulum can be cured?

small uterine incision diverticulum has been made cesarean female restless, how many women were harassed by the disease? according to the statistics of the literature, most of them are as high as 60% or more, with a maximum of 80%.more than half of women with cesarean delivery will be harassed, while women with more than three cesarean deliveries are 100% harassed.uterus has an extra space, women are worried about pregnancy again, the late uterus will rupture it? in theory, there is such a possibility, the thinner the muscle the greater the risk of rupture.however, from the clinical data, although uterine incision diverticulum phenomenon is common, but the case of scarring uterine rupture is very rare, the chance is only 1%-3%.so, found that the uterine incision diverticulum does not affect the next pregnancy, but to regularly check the track.

currently, the uterine incision diverticulum can choose drugs or surgical treatment.no fertility requirements can be oral contraceptives, but the effect is not necessarily good, only a few women have been improved.have fertility requirements may be treated or not treated.doctors generally choose the surgical procedure based on the location of the diverticulum, the tissue around the diverticula is cut off, and then suture repair, the operative efficiency is about 50%-70%.uterine incision diverticulum is only one of the complications of cesarean section, cesarean section caused a lot of trouble.for the next generation and their own health, if you can follow the recommendations of natural delivery or birth, this is the most natural way to reproduce, restore faster, less harm to the body.

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