cervical erosion, erosion of cervical erosion, what will happen?

although cervical erosion early damage to the human body is not large, but over time will naturally have a variety of dangers.once there is some data that most married women have had cervical erosion of varying degrees, what is the harm of cervical erosion?

the dangers of cervical erosion 1,< strong> cervical cancer

modern medical research shows that cervical erosion and cervical cancer have a certain relationship.relevant data show that the incidence of cervical cancer in women with cervical erosion than those without cervical erosion is 10 times higher.although the incidence of cervical cancer is also related to many factors such as early marriage, early pregnancy, prolificacy, sexual life disorders and cervical herpes virus infection, as one of the preventive measures for cervical cancer, women of childbearing age should also conduct regular gynecological examinations for early detection early treatment.especially with severe cervical erosion of women, must be actively treated, using the correct treatment, cure cervical erosion, reduce the possibility of cancer.

the dangers of cervical erosion 2, the incidence of infertility

cervical erosion on the impact of pregnancy mainly in:1, cervical erosion patients with cervical secretions more than normal, and thick, so sperm difficult to pass, affecting the sperm motility, hinder the sperm into the uterine cavity.2, the inflammatory environment of the cervix will affect the sperm environment, reduce sperm motility.3, cervical secretions contain a lot of white blood cells, they will also swallow sperm.4, cervical bacteria and toxins will kill sperm.such as:e.coli will produce strong sperm agglutination, sperm motility can be lost.the dangers of cervical erosion 3, the possibility of< strong> abortion</strong>#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

with cervical erosion of pregnant women, with the estrogen and progesterone levels continue to increase, cervical erosion will be significantly increased, there vaginal bleeding.although this bleeding and bleeding caused by spontaneous abortion are not the same, does not directly affect the development of the fetus, as long as the timely stop bleeding can be normal pregnancy.however, if not treated in time will affect the resistance of pregnant women, causing genital infections.eventually, lead to loss of amniotic fluid premature rupture of membranes, affecting the normal growth and development of the fetus, abortion is inevitable.harm of cervical erosion 4, the occurrence of gynecological complications when suffering from cervical erosion, it can cause inflammation of other organs, such as:cervical erosion of pathogens can cause endometritis up ; can by the uterine ligament, lymphatic spread caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease; when the inflammation triggers the bladder trigone, can cause urinary system diseases and dysuria, frequent urination or dysuria and other irritating symptoms.can lead to deeper lesions due to long-term chronic inflammation, can cause polyps, lacerations, valgus and cysts and other more depth of illness.

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