early symptoms of cervical cancer with aura

what is the first sign of cervical cancer? as early as possible to understand the early symptoms of cervical cancer in order to achieve early detection and timely treatment.in fact, early symptoms of cervical cancer there is no obvious symptoms, occasionally after sexual intercourse or check the finished gynecological contact bleeding.experts say they want to find out this morning.

cervical cancer, then there are two more commonly used method is to do regular cervical examination, the second is their own body changes in the popular.it is important to pay attention to the appearance of these symptoms in women's bodies.early symptoms of cervical cancer with aura 1, irregular vaginal bleeding

showed two menstrual periods between non-minor vaginal bleeding and vaginal bleeding after menopause.the former is easily seen as irregular menstruation, the latter is easily seen as menopause.however, this irregular vaginal bleeding is indeed seen early in cervical cancer is the first symptom of the patient.early symptoms of cervical cancer with aura 2, abnormal vaginal discharge

mostly manifested as increased vaginal discharge, accompanied by changes in color and smell.leucorrhea increased symptoms generally appear later than contact bleeding, ultra-early normal color, gradually become serous discharge, advanced cervical cancer may have rice or watery leucorrhea.early symptoms of cervical cancer with threatened 3, contact bleeding#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

after the performance of sexual intercourse or constipation force , vaginal discharge(leucorrhea) mixed with drop-shaped blood, and sometimes showed a filamentous, sometimes dark red.women over the age of 30, who have given birth to couples living together, suddenly have vaginal punctate bleeding after sexual intercourse and should be taken as an early sign of cervical cancer.early symptoms of cervical cancer with aura 4, pain pain is a symptom of advanced cervical cancer.carcinoma along the tissue extension, violations of the pelvic wall, oppression of the peripheral nerve, the clinical manifestations of the sciatic nerve or one side of the sacrum, iliac sustained pain.tumor oppression or erosion of the ureter, narrow stenosis, obstruction caused by hydronephrosis, manifested as low-grade back pain, and even severe pain, further development of renal failure, resulting in uremia.lymphatic system invasion led to lymphatic obstruction, reflux obstruction and lower extremity edema and pain and other symptoms.

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