cervical erosion can affect fertility?

what is< strong> cervical erosion</strong> ;?

cervical erosion, also known as cervical columnar epithelium ectopic, is a very common gynecological diseases.the incidence of cervical erosion is high, many women have, but the symptoms are slightly serious points.

what are the symptoms of cervical erosion? cervical erosion in fact a normal physiology phenomenon, there is no special clinical manifestations.some people may have contact bleeding performance, but only individual differences in the cervix, just as some people chew hard things, teeth or mouth will be a little blood.if there is increased leucorrhea, yellow, smell, it is the performance of cervical inflammation.

cervical erosion can affect fertility?

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cervical erosion affect fertility it? women suffering from cervical erosion and can not generally say that can not give birth or childbirth, for the minor symptoms are not fertility, however, severe cervical erosion who have a certain impact on the conception.if only a simple cervical erosion, no contact bleeding, vaginal discharge abnormalities, abdominal distension and other symptoms, cervical cytology normal, you can be pregnant.even if there is mild inflammation in patients with cervical erosion, it will not affect the pregnancy, so the harm of mild cervical erosion did not affect fertility.if patients with cervical erosion associated with inflammation, such as cervical purulent vaginal discharge, and associated with chlamydia or gonococcal infection and other pathogenic bacteria, will lead to thick neck mucus, containing a large number of wbc, adverse sperm activity and penetration, will affect the pregnancy.therefore, women with severe cervical erosion can not have children, need active treatment of cervical erosion, cervicitis symptoms to be tested before improvement.otherwise, germ infection during pregnancy along the cervix may lead to premature rupture of membranes and other complications.

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