what are the early symptoms of cervical cancer? got cervical cancer how to treat?

cervical cancer is one of the most common malignancies.according to statistics, about 80% of women's lifetime are infected with hpv, and about 10% of those infected with type-16 and 18 hpvs will be at 3 the development of precancerous lesions during the year, 20% in 10 years to achieve a high degree of precancerous lesions.of which 30-35 years old is the high incidence of age, and in recent years there is a trend of rejuvenation, the incidence increased year by year.therefore, to understand the early symptoms of cervical cancer, timely medical treatment is very important.

what are the early symptoms of cervical cancer? 1.contact bleeding occasion of vaginal bleeding in 80% of cervical cancer patients.generally married life, gynecological examination or forced defecation, vaginal discharge mixed with blood.especially in middle-aged and elderly women, if the bleeding after sexual life in addition to excluding the hard life caused by improper sexual life, but also be alert whether suffering from cervical cancer.if you have bleeding after each sex life, seek medical attention as soon as possible.2.irregular vaginal bleeding

obviously menopause, but somehow vaginal bleeding.although not much, nor symptoms of back pain, abdominal pain, this may be the signal of cervical cancer, if early treatment, the treatment effect will be much better.3.vaginal secretions increased

clinically, about 85% of cervical cancer patients will experience varying degrees of vaginal discharge increased.most patients showed increased leucorrhea, early generally no smell and color change, just the amount of increase.so easily overlooked and the disease progressed.4.urinary tract symptoms early cervical cancer may appear related to two abnormalities, such as urinary urgency or stool bloody, if severe, pelvic and lower extremity pain may also occur , lower limb swelling and other symptoms.5.pain

cervical cancer occurs, the lower abdomen, the waist often pain, sex, defecation or menstrual aggravate.

got cervical cancer how to treat? cervical cancer will also appear in the late transfer, down to the vaginal vault and vaginal wall, up to the uterus, violent invasion of the bladder, the back of the rectum, to the two violations of pelvic tissue.so, if you have cervical cancer, how to treat it? 1.surgery

no matter what kind of malignancy, surgery is the preferred treatment.but it is only suitable for early cervical cancer, specifically stage i and iia of cervical cancer.surgical treatment of 80% chance of obtaining a better effect, but there are a small number of patients within a certain period of time after recurrence, metastasis, which in addition to the characteristics of the tumor, but also with the surgical process.after the operation, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition according to the pathological report of the tumor.if it is a high-risk patient that is prone to relapse, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are usually given after surgery to reduce the recurrence.2.radiation therapy regardless of the extent of cervical cancer, can be carried out radiotherapy, especially in patients with advanced cervical cancer, but should take radiotherapy.of course, radiotherapy has some adverse reactions, in addition to damaging the ovary, so that scar contracture of the vagina, but also may cause radiation proctitis and radioactive cystitis.3.chemotherapy

chemotherapy is also an adjunct to the treatment of cervical cancer, mainly used in advanced cancer patients with metastases.clinically, the general use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can significantly improve the radiological effect.chemotherapy can be used at any time, such as early tumors larger, by chemotherapy, the tumor can be reduced before surgery.the last to say is that although the cervical cancer-related vaccine has been listed in the mainland, but the hundreds of hpv virus, the current listing of vaccines can only prevent the common type of vaccination does not mean once and for all, or have regular cervical cancer screening.

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