how to prevent a woman's cervical disease invasion?

women how to avoid the problems of cervical disease? the increasing incidence of cervical diseases in modern society, this will have a lot of impact on women's lives and work.cervical disease in addition to causing female discomfort, irregular menstruation, but also easily lead to infertility, so female friends must pay attention to cervical, female friends how to prevent the invasion of cervical disease? let's find out

prevention of cervical disease, do a good job of these points 1, sex precautions

in the sexual life should pay attention to cleanliness, appropriate control frequency of life, female friends to eliminate extramarital sex, reduce the chance of infection, taking care to avoid menstrual sex.2, try to avoid crowd

the flow of people not only has a great impact on the overall health of women, with the reproductive system can easily lead to infection, cervical health is also a big risk.therefore, if there is no need for childbearing at the moment, it is necessary to pay attention to contraception during sex to reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancies and to reduce the opportunities for human-caused cervical wounds and bacterial infections.3, pay attention to menstrual status women's normal menstrual cycle is 28 to 35 days, the duration of 3 to 7 days, if the menstrual cycle is too short, or the menstrual period continued longer those who have to seek timely medical treatment to find out the cause, and with the active treatment of the doctor.

4, childbirth and postpartum precautions pregnant women should go to the regular hospital for regular childbirth, childbirth with the instructions of the doctor, to prevent equipment damage to the cervix during childbirth.if postpartum cervical laceration should be promptly sutured.

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5, regular< strong> gynecological examination</p>

check for timely detection of cervical inflammation, timely treatment.

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