do not waste money! physical examination found that these gynecological diseases do not rule!

do not waste money! physical examination found that these gynecological diseases do not rule! women always get scared by some gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, cervical erosion, pelvic fluid, breast hyperplasia, etc.for fear of not being treated in time, they will become"cancer candidate".in fact, these gynecological sounds scary, but not terrible, over-treatment is only a mess.gynecological diseases:breast hyperplasia 4/5 women and associated with experts said that breast hyperplasia is a common physiological phenomenon , depressed mood, before menstruation, when wearing tight underwear are easy to induce breast hyperplasia.breast swelling, pain and discomfort breast hyperplasia of the"alarm signal"to remind you to carry out the work and rest, do not stay up all night, stay optimistic, eat less hormones, more exercise.breast hyperplasia rarely become breast cancer, do not worry too much.gynecological diseases:breast fibroadenoma

some women are not afraid of breast hyperplasia, but the fear of breast fibroadenoma, all day long panic.this with"tumor"word gynecological disease is the early lesions of breast cancer? in fact, breast fibroadenoma is a benign lesion in the high incidence of benign tumors, due to endocrine disorders, estrogen due to increased.breast fibroids, once found, does not require immediate surgical treatment, regular b-and molybdenum target examination is the right path.surgical indications for breast fibroids are related to the size of the tumor and need not be treated when the fibroadenoma of the breast is smaller than three centimeters, as long as regular observations are made.gynecological diseases:cervical erosion

sounds scary in fact, women with a history of childbirth are always topped with a"hat"of cervical erosion, was small hospital abduction abduction do a few courses of cervical erosion treatment, but did not see much fact, even if you find cervical erosion, as long as there is no special feeling, you can ignore it.women who have sex life, abortion, and birth control rings are always hard to escape from cervical erosion.gynecological diseases:uterine fibroids

the incidence of 25 to 30 years old 50% uterine fibroids are the most common gynecological tumors in the 30 among women aged 50, the incidence is as high as 25%, one in four women.uterine fibroids with a tumor word, the same woman was seen as"a scourge of water,"but after the quick addition to the knife, but the current choice of surgical treatment is not fact, uterine fibroids is a member of benign tumors, rarely associated with cancer.when the uterine fibroids smaller, and no related symptoms, regular inspection can be.if uterine fibroids increase faster, 5 cm in diameter breakthrough, do not leave it, surgical resection it.gynecological diseases:pelvic fluid#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

the nature of the effusion to decide whether or not to treat

> gynecological b-super in addition to the normal description, and sometimes we will see the words"pelvic fluid,"pelvic effusion need treatment? in fact, in most cases the production of pelvic fluid is physiological, menstrual period or ovulation will discharge a small amount of pelvic fluid, without any discomfort, is no special treatment, self-absorption.

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