what happened to the meat in the blood?

a lot of women in the menstrual period will find that such a thing, their sanitary napkin it appeared a little meat, see the woman worried about myself, but can't figure out what is going on?what's going on?

1, menstrual cycle

general women's menstrual cycle is 28~ 30 days, 30 days but also some people come through at a time, some even a period of 40 days.as long as there is regularity, namely every menstrual cycle is roughly the same, all belong to the normal condition.in addition, menstruation is susceptible to a variety of factors, so it is normal to have a period of 3 to 5 days before or after advance.

if the menstrual cycle is 20 days, the next time is 40 days, many days, and often appear such circumstance, some even menstruation to 1~ 2 days, after more than 10 days again to l~ 2 day, lost periodically, it is not normal, is called menstruation to be not moved.it should be noted that, when the girl 's first menstruation, due to ovarian just development, function is not perfect, so there will be a function disorder, irregular, this is not a pathological phenomenon, need not fear and worry, after a year or two ovarian mature, menstruation will be functioning normally.

2, menstrual period

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