ol pressure menstrual delay how to do?

the pressure of work life, so that many workplace women double the pressure,"aunt"postponed for a long time is how is it? pregnant? still sick?

1, first, consider the cause of pregnancy women of childbearing age, if menstrual period has been more normal, suddenly delayed menstruation more than two weeks, it may be pregnant.usually 14 days after pregnancy, there will be signs of pregnancy, including dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, like to eat sour, disgust greasy, morning vomiting and a series of reactions.menstrual delay may also be about 1 week, there early response to pregnancy, test strips can be used on their own or to the hospital for examination.second, consider the pressure caused by

in general, only the occasional menstrual delay, not too nervous.the accumulation of work pressure, coupled with changes in the weather, women inevitably angry impatient, it is likely to lead to postponement of menstruation.menstruation of the body easily in the state of lack of blood points, once the work tension, fast paced life or affected by bad habits, may lead to postpone menstruation.workplace women recommend this release of pressure

to maintain the pleasure of the mood, can help to improve the postponement of menstruation, especially the more pressured white-collar workers to take the initiative to ease anxiety, relieve stress and maintain feeling comfortable and good attitude.pay attention to rest to ensure sleep, do not stay up all night.you can also try to improve the living environment, such as cleaning room health, comfortable environment will make the mood comfortable.

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