what are the reasons women shed pubic hair?

we all know that the hair will fall off automatically because of metabolic problems, which is also a normal phenomenon.you know that women's pubic hair will automatically fall off, female pubic hair loss is also a normal situation, but different age groups, different physical conditions appear pubic hair shedding, there are some different reasons and coping methods.

there are different reasons for pubic hair loss

juveniles appear a large number of pubic hair shedding phenomenon should be given enough attention, which is likely to indicate a certain disease, the need for early prevention, hematology blood tests.a small amount of hair removal is likely to be due to the lack of trace elements, pregnant women, a small amount of pubic hair loss is also a normal phenomenon, there is a large number of hair removal and disease.menopausal women to speed up the loss of pubic hair, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not need to be worried.

for young people, there is a small amount of pubic hair shedding, pay attention to timely replenishment of nutrients.a large number of hair removal phenomenon, most likely caused by pituitary prolactinoma.a small amount of pregnancy in women is a normal phenomenon of hair removal, usually pay attention to diet, eat spicy food stimulation.a large number of hair removal, should be promptly checked to avoid postpartum hemorrhage and shock symptoms.for menopausal women, pay attention to regulating emotions, nutritionally balanced, drink milk before going to bed, and more to add legumes.causes of pubic hair shedding 1, long-term medication

due to the needs of the disease, some patients need long-term use of certain drugs, such as anti-tumor drugs, antipsychotics and rheumatism drugs long-term use of these drugs can cause pubic hair loss.causes of pubic hair shedding 2, pituitary prolactinoma pathologic preconditional pathology="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

pituitary prolactinoma can occur at any age in patients blood prolactin concentration will increase, in addition to closure galactorrhea, armpit hair and pubic hair will appear off.causes of pubic hair shedding 3, anterior pituitary hypofunction

women with postpartum hemorrhage may suffer from hypopituitarism, symptoms of extreme weight loss, menorrhagia or amenorrhea, pubic hair , armpit hair loss or even disappear, breast and external genital atrophy.

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