breast massage breast massage the correct posture is like?

what to do breast massage? breasts are women's proud capital, modern women are also very respected breast beauty.many women in order to make their breasts more beautiful will choose to breast massage, the following to take a look at the correct posture breast massage it!

what is the correct posture of breast massage it?

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with one hand, hold the breast under the breast, then massage gently toward the armpit, and gently knead the areola, the other hand squeezes the breast gently.after using the index finger and the middle finger firmly grasp the nipple gently pull the nipple gently pull out, need to be aware that we must be careful not to force too much.contented with the index finger and middle finger chest chest close to the root of the nipple clip nipples, and then a little and tight fingers, curved rotation.after holding the armpit with one hand, the other hand gently hold the palm side of the breast gently pushed up the breast.two hands close to the breast, then massage from the inside out around the breast.after a hand on the position of the sternum, draw a spiral massage to the armpit direction.after gently supporting the breast with one hand, with the other hand gently from the bottom to the breast beat, with particular attention to be sure not to hurt it.according to the above method of breast massage gently, the length of time can be determined according to their own time, in short, massage the longer the better oh, but need to pay attention to is that we must pay attention road, not too hard, not on the breast caused oh hurt.

what is the benefit of breast massage?

regular massage of the breast can promote the blood flow in the breast can be accelerated to make the breast more healthy, more beautiful, can promote breast development, breast enhancement effect is very good, but also can make breast skin more delicate, more lubrication, and can promote breast development, breast-feeding women breast massage can also promote milk secretion, in short, regular breast massage can make the breast more healthy, but also can make the breast more beautiful oh.

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