what is pelvic inflammatory disease? what are the common symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease?

pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease plagued women are numerous, but many people do not understand pelvic inflammatory disease.pelvic inflammatory disease in the end is what disease? what are the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease? let's find out

what is pelvic inflammatory disease? pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the pelvic genital organs, including connective tissue around the uterus and pelvic peritoneal inflammation.pelvic inflammatory disease is usually divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.acute pelvic inflammatory disease is mostly caused by bacterial infection.chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is often caused by incomplete treatment in acute phase and repeated episodes of disease.common symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease 1.pelvic inflammatory disease one of the symptoms:< strong> menstrual disorders</strong>

endometrial congestion and ulcers, there may be symptoms of menorrhagia.most patients at the time of treatment of the disease has been developing for some time, the endometrium suffered a certain degree of damage, and showed less menstruation or amenorrhea situation.2.the second symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease:falling pain in the lower abdomen due to pelvic inflammation and adhesion between genital organs, there will be varying degrees of lower abdomen pain, this pain will increased during menstruation.

4.pelvic inflammatory symptoms four:< strong> infertility</strong>

if pelvic inflammatory disease tubal mucosa damage or adhesions, it will make the lumen obstruction, ovulation disorders.or the fallopian tube lumen to keep the patency, but mucosal cilia damaged, tubal peristalsis will be limited to the decline of the transport function of the egg, can also cause infertility.pelvic inflammatory disease is one of the common causes of primary infertility.

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