women are most vulnerable to gynecological disease attack!

many diseases are caused by long-standing bad habits, and they are"made"by the patients themselves.if you have the following three kinds of behavior, please change as soon as possible, do not provoke gynecological inflammation and then regret it!

1, over-cleaning private parts of women some women, because of private parts of the problem ashamed to tell others, experience some itching or vaginal discharge is not normal phenomenon, the first is not to ask a doctor, but use their own care products to solve.as a result, not only result in increased discomfort, and even the genitals there are feeling of pain.female toiletries are not everything, on the contrary, they can easily lead to gynecological diseases.

this is because the product contains chemicals, alkaline, and the vagina was weakly acidic, often using toiletries, may undermine the vaginal flora balance and increase the probability of illness.women are advised to use less care products and shower gel and other cleaning products to clean the vagina.the best way is to wash with warm water, will not damage the vaginal ph, reduce the risk of illness.

2, dirty sex of women

if in a period of time, with more than one of the opposite sex, and the scale of playing relatively large.can easily lead to increased leucorrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal bulge and other problems, and ultimately point to cervicitis.in addition to incontinence in the sex life, the age at which sexual activity occurs affects the incidence of such disease.sexual behavior of girls before the age of 18, the probability of occurrence of cervical lesions, will be many times higher than the 20-year-old same sex.this is because young women's cervical epithelium has not yet mature, weak resistance, it is easy to bacteria break the line of defense, triggering inflammation.therefore, women should love themselves, do not live too early, too messy.be sure to do protective measures, such as let the other wear.and then to do regular gynecological examination, blocking the occurrence of cervical cancer.3, women ignore the dysmenorrhea problems#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

there are a lot of women aunt pain always used to think that the body it's fine just to be busy for a few hours or days.however, some aunt pain if you do not find out early, missed the best time to treat.female abdominal pain, can not tolerate.because if you experience secondary dysmenorrhea, it is likely to be caused by gynecological diseases such as adenomyosis, uterine fibroids and endometriosis.ignored, the next period of menstruation is dysmenorrhea, not only afflicted you to death, the symptoms still unwittingly aggravated.dysmenorrhea, it is best to go to the hospital to see.if you belong to gynecological diseases, you can seek treatment under the guidance of a specialist, as soon as possible from the painful sea of ​​dysmenorrhea.can only say that women should love themselves, be responsible for their own health, because once the illness, your pain no one can

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