menstrual disorders may have been these gynecological diseases

menstruation, is a sign of women's maturity, but also a benchmark for women's health, when abnormal menstruation in women, then there may be a problem with the body.

what is normal menstruation? women's normal menstrual cycle is 24-35 days, from the first day of the last menstruation, to the first day of this menstrual period is a cycle.normal menstrual period(ie, bleeding) for 3-7 days, each of the amount of menstrual blood 20-60 ml.menstrual disorders may have been these gynecological diseases.

hysteromyoma, endometriosis, adenomyosis

the amount of menstrual blood varies from person to person, the average monthly menstrual bleeding of about 20-60 ml, such as more than 80 ml is the amount of menstrual flow, are pathological conditions.menorrhagia may be some signs of gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and gynecological inflammation terms of endometrial hyperplasia, the menstrual cycle is the phenomenon of endometrial exfoliation, if it is prolonged stimulation and proliferation, often prone to breakthrough bleeding, menstrual cramps, and most will be accompanied by severe addition it may also be caused by other diseases, the amount of too much, generally easy to ignore, such as certain blood diseases affect coagulation, common thrombocytopenia, aplastic anemia, leukemia, pernicious anemia, liver disease, hypertension, coagulation disorders can also lead to menstrual disorders and menstrual volume.menstrual volume is too small:endometrial lesions, tumor or uterine hypoplasia less menstruation may also be a sign of many gynecological diseases.for example, the body appears endometrial disease, tumor or uterine hypoplasia and endocrine disorders and other diseases, or abortion, curettage caused by endometrial thinning may also lead to less menstruation, so if the amount of menorrhagia, or accompanied by severe dysmenorrhea or other abnormal symptoms, new female friends should cause enough attention, and actively go to the hospital for treatment.3.menstrual cycle is too long:< strong> ectopic pregnancy</strong>

irregular menstruation also pay attention to pregnancy-related diseases.ectopic pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy, patients with menopause or prolonged menstrual cycle, but some patients may not have obvious history of menopause, only manifested menstrual dripping or vaginal irregular bleeding, often mistaken for menstrual disorders, the results delay diagnosis.4.menstrual delay:endocrine disorders

there are several general postponement of menstruation, the first thought may be caused by pregnancy, but experts say women are over-pressured, drug abuse, etc.may also cause endocrine disorders, triggering the phenomenon of menstruation.5.dysmenorrhea:physical cold

dysmenorrhea occurs in daily life, menstrual blood color and other abnormalities may be the general is due to physical cold or menstrual health care caused by improper, but does not rule out the possibility of some gynecological diseases.reminder:under normal circumstances, the menstrual short-term or occasional abnormalities are generally normal, but if the menstrual abnormalities last longer, you need to go to the hospital in time to avoid illness unable to restore.

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