can pregnant women eat guava?

guava is a common fruit, guava is rich in vitamins, vitamin supplement to the human body effect is very good, and guava contains amino acid and the human body needs, so eating guava, good for health.can women eat guava during pregnancy?


guava contains potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine, the strengthen bones system and the function of the lymphatic addition, guava contains alkaline acerbity, can stop acid fermentation obviously, restrain intestinal mucosa, eat more can stop diarrhea.

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guava also has the effect of reducing food, appetizing, toning and beauty, which can promote the body's metabolism and promote the health and development of the body.

:can pregnant women eat guava?

guava is nutritious and does not have any side effects on fetuses and pregnant women, so it is possible for pregnant women to eat guava.

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