pregnant women pay attention to the housework don't do it again!

when a woman is pregnant, she will be treated like a"protected animal"by her family.while some expectant mothers still go to work, get off work, squeeze the subway, squeeze the bus, and do the housework even fact, when a woman is pregnant, do some simple housework to comfort the bones, it is good for childbirth.however, there are six kinds of housework that the expectant mother must avoid.

note 4 kinds of pregnant women housework don't do it again!

pregnant women pay attention to 4 kinds of housework don't do it again!

1, lifting weights

, no pregnant girl will find it difficult to lift heavy objects, let alone pregnant women.pregnant women carry heavy objects easily to be hurt by heavy objects, and can easily hurt their waist, and may cause miscarriage.therefore, carrying heavy weight is pregnant women's big taboo, pregnant women had better not do.

2, clear waste

pets though effect during pregnancy is not too big, but don't do pregnant women should pay attention to"shovel excrement officer", because of the large pet bacteria in feces, one of these creatures called toxoplasma can invade the pregnant woman's body, induced abortion.

3, climbing height

, no matter whether it is high or high, pregnant women are not allowed to try, because it is easy to fall off when it is easy to do the climbing type of housework, which is bad for the fetus.the most important types of household chores include cleaning windows and drying clothes.

4, bent down to housework

sweep the floor, mop the floor and wash the clothes need to bend to the housework, such as pregnant women also touch less as far as possible, because the bending posture will increase the pressure of pregnant belly, adverse to the circulation of blood, also may be oppression of uterus, fetal growth and development.also, standing over long periods of time may cause the expectant mother's feet to edema.

:what are the things that pregnant women should pay attention to when doing housework?

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first, pregnant women do household chores to slow as the principle, don't be quick, finish the housework can't breath, also can't work for the sake of oppression his belly, ought to housework segments.

:second, pregnant women should not stand for long periods of time.after 20 minutes of working, they should sit down for 10 minutes.

in the end, the mother to do housework with comfortable give priority to, can't tired himself, if a sudden abdominal pain, is to stop his work, and lay down to rest, if still cannot alleviate, to go to a doctor quickly.

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