baby is more intelligent during pregnancy

a study by the university of birmingham, uk, found that pregnant women who were given iodine during pregnancy were able to increase their iq by 1.22 during childhood.researchers say, pregnancy is generally fill iodine, is of great significance to the improvement of population quality, severe iodine deficiency leads to children's mental disorders during pregnancy and retardation, low iq, after be brought up due to the low level of education, its income must be severely affected.

in addition, iodine deficiency may also occur during pregnancy abortion, stillbirth, stillbirth, daughter deformity, backward spiritual developmental disorders and intellectual, and can lead to iodine deficiency of thyroid dysfunction, a serious threat to pregnant women and fetal safety.

:how much iodine should i get per day?

2013, according to the latest version of the reference intake of nutrients in dietary for chinese people, the recommended daily intake of 230 micrograms(mu g) during pregnancy and lactation need 240 mu g every day, and 600 mu g per day are safe.the average adult recommendation is 120 mu implication, expectant mothers need twice as much iodine as the general population to complete the baby and baby's need for iodine.

how to fix iodine?

diet:the expectant mother can moderate the amount of iodine containing iodine, including kelp, sea fish, seaweed, shellfish and other seafood.

for iodine supplementation:a daily dose of 150 mu of iodine supplements or supplements that are specifically designed for pregnant women.some expectant mothers will worry about the overdose of iodine can lead to hyperthyroidism, but in fact, according to the recommended dosage of iodine, there will be no iodine overdose.

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