when does a pregnant yoga ball begin to use?

:when does a pregnant yoga ball start to use?

the time pregnant women yoga ball is in more than three months to 7 months pregnant, the baby bed has been stable, pregnant mothers can according to individual physique and previous exercise is to choose the appropriate way, and in the best pregnant three months ago rest, since the fetus is still in the embryonic stage, carry momentum shoulds not be too big, lest cause miscarriage.

:what's the use of a pregnant yoga ball?

stretch your back, lift one leg to the highest possible position, then put it down and move on to the other side.have thin leg, thin buttock effect.

2, put the upper body in the position of the ball and hold the ground with both hands;keep your legs apart and slowly lift one leg until it is parallel to the ground.hold the position for a few seconds and repeat for the other side.

1, legs close together, hands up, 10 fingers relative, deep breathing, belly up, the whole body trying to pull up.

2, split legs, do the split position, arms outstretched, hands clasp the ball from the chest, lift up, take a deep breath, lean back as far as you can, and hold the position for a few seconds.

3, raise one leg, parallel to the ground, raise both arms at the same time, hold the position for a few seconds.slowly lower your legs and arms, repeat them multiple times, and then switch legs.

both legs together, the left leg is placed on the ball, the right leg arch rises to the ground level, and raises the upper part of the upper body up, and shows a straight line with the left leg.take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds.note:when pregnant women use yoga ball, it is best to consult a doctor to see if they are suitable for yoga and other fitness exercises, because everyone's physique is different.

the benefits of the pregnant woman yoga ball

1, pregnant women on a yoga ball as the shaking of the body, yoga ball rocketing can exercise the pelvic floor muscles, increase its flexibility, is of great benefit to production at the time of the force.

2, pregnant women on a yoga ball not as secure as the chair, so whether pelvic floor muscle or anal sphincter are a little bit nervous, can help pregnant women to exercise the power of the anal sphincter, prevent the happening of the piles.

3, yoga ball is made of soft pvc materials, when the body contact with internal inflatable yoga club evenly touch contact parts of the body to produce the massage effect, is beneficial to promote the blood circulation.

4, pregnant mother sitting yoga ball time is long, you can do in yoga ball movement is much, natural can improve itself by sitting yoga ball endurance, muscular strength, spinal flexibility and balance.

5, pregnant mothers should also be aware of various diseases during pregnancy, and taking yoga ball can prevent bone loss and muscle fatigue.

1, watch the pulse during exercise, the intensity of the exercise should be controlled within 150 beats per minute.

2, you should consult your doctor before exercising, and know what kind of exercise is right for you.

3, pregnancy more than 4 months should avoid the movement of supine position, because the weight of the fetus will affect the blood circulation of the pregnant woman.

4, you should drink plenty of water before and during exercise, and you should pay more attention to rest during exercise.

5, should wear loose clothing when exercising, do not move in too hot or too humid environment.

6, you must warm up and relax before and after the exercise, especially if you want to pay attention to the activity ligament.

7, the pregnant women should always maintain the normal state of speech during the exercise, and if the pregnant woman has difficulty breathing, the fetus may be deprived of oxygen.

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