preconception of mother's early diet

pregnancy diet is about the growth and development of the baby, so be sure to pay attention to the nutrition balance, and also pay attention to the addition of essential nutrients.

balanced nutrition, with a reasonable

adequate vitamin intake

at this point, it is also the fetal brain and nervous system differentiation period rapidly, so the pregnant mother should pay attention to complement a variety of vitamins, particularly folate, vitamin b2, vitamin b6, etc.) of the intake, eat more vegetables and fruits to complement a variety of vitamins.

to ensure supply of heat, protein, fatty acid,

women during pregnancy because of the fetus and placenta and increase their body weight and increased basal metabolism, the influence of such factors as need to have adequate caloric intake.the world health organization has recommended that women increase their calories by 150 kcal a day during early pregnancy.

is a smart mother-to-be, and it's important to add good protein.protein is an important material base in human body, which is an important component of the body.the fetus needs protein to form its own body tissue, and pregnant women need protein for the development of the uterus, placenta and breast.protein is one of the main components of brain cells, which is an important material foundation for brain tissue growth, development and metabolism.protein accounted for 35% of the brain stem weight, is the main material in the process of brain cells generate excitement and inhibition, in memory, language, thinking, sports, play an important role in such aspects as nerve conduction, lack of protein can also affect the development of the fetal central nervous system and function.therefore, it is extremely important for pregnant women to supplement their protein, and the pregnant mother should eat enough high-quality protein from the diet, not less than 70 grams per day.

pregnant mother to eat some nuts such as walnuts, sesame, peanut and melon seeds compares good, not only the supplement of unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, a variety of nutrients, protein, trace elements and tonifying qi and blood, the action of temperature lungs runchang, its nutrient composition is very good for the development of embryo and addition, chewing walnuts also can prevent tooth essence allergy.

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many at this time will have different degree of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anorexia, diet should pay attention to the principle of a few much food, drink water more, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat some delicate delicious, less quantity of fine food, want to vomit vomit, can eat eat, as far as possible to ensure basic daily more fruits and vegetables, vitamin, lean meat and animal intestines.

vomiting is frequent and intense, which can cause loss of nutrients such as water, sodium and potassium in the body, resulting in electrolyte disturbances, and even ketoacidosis.therefore, pregnant mothers with severe sickness should pay attention to prevent water and electrolyte disorders and maintain the balance of the environment.

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