can pregnant women eat moon cakes?pregnant women are best not to eat

how can the moon cake be reduced by the mid-autumn festival, but the moon cake belongs to the high-sugar, high-salt, high-fat three-high food, can pregnant women in special times eat mooncakes?how should pregnant women eat mooncakes?

three kinds of pregnant women had better not eat mooncakes

although cakes belong to"unhealthy"food, but pregnant women eat moon cakes can be appropriate, but it is important to note that there are several types of the special pregnant women had better not eat moon cakes.

1.weak pregnant women

heavy oil heavy sugar moon cake itself, is not easy to digest, so weak, especially the long illness is not suitable for pregnant women.

2.<strong>gestational diabetes</strong>the pregnant women

high sugar food is the first major taboo for pregnant women with gestational diabetes, so high-sugar mooncakes should be listed in the fasting list. do pregnant women eat mooncakes?

/p> festival, in order to feel the atmosphere of the festival, there are no special circumstances in which expectant mothers can eat mooncakes.but when expectant mothers eat moon cakes, they must pay attention to the control quantity, not to eat more;choose the mooncakes with healthy fillings such as red bean and lotus paste, preferably with low-sugar mooncakes.when eating mooncakes, you can eat some light fruits such as grapefruit, peach, persimmon and can also make a cup of hot tea or a cup of plain boiled water, which can help you to get greasy.

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