is pregnant late abdomen painful is to be born?

women giving birth to keep calm, spirit is loosened, don't cry because it is the sudden panic call the symptom such as stomachache, calmly treat symptoms before birth, do not panic late pregnancy stomach is going to have?how do you decide whether to give birth?


2, vaginal discharge brown or blood color;

3, pubic or lumbosacral position pain, seems to be more regular;

4, the belly is stiff, tight or dull;

5, all of a sudden there are more fluid coming out of the vagina;

6, no stools, but very obvious;

7, feel very spirit, wants to thoroughly clean the room, want to put the baby was born to count again, perhaps signifying you have entered the labor condition, some mothers had this feeling.

false precursors

to answer the following questions, if the answer is no, it means that you are a time away from real birth and a fake labor.

1, when the contractions begin, can't you talk to the people around you?

2, have you broken the water?

3, the strength of uterine contraction increased?

4, the uterine contraction time is constant?is the intermittent time rule?for example, each time the uterus contracts for about 1 minute, every four minutes to shrink, is that right?

5, back pain, it seems to be dysmenorrhea, pain in the lower abdomen?

6, uterine contractions continue after the body moves or changes body position?

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